first Dialogue

January 15, 2016 , Proef studio, SAN FRANCISCO Mission District


Julien: " My designs are the beginning. The rest is how you respond. I will give you a design, you create a story around it. I am not going to make something that is already done. You would do things that are very different. " 

Desiree: " I love different things. "

Julien: " We will both be doing what we are good at, no restraint. Usually, we don’t have the freedom to do what we want. Every story collection could be new… "

"Every artist has different phases.. Picasso had many.. he had a blue phase and a cubist phase. "

Desiree: " One gets bored.. let’snot get tied down.. Art is not technical, it is organic. There is no mechanical process. "

Julien: " It will be a completely strange dialogue.  Some pieces may come together, some pieces will will bounce off of one another. "

Desiree: " Consistency will come from me; being one artist. The first one could be shot in pairs. "

Julien: " Paris? I am going to fly you to Paris. "

Desiree: "We will have to sell a lot of necklaces… "